Zakk Walder

山口智広 Tomohiro Yamaguchi

zakk walder

カラーテと呼ばれる伝説の格闘武術を身につけた武闘家で、1秒間に数百発の拳を繰り出す腕前。二刀一対の小剣である音叉の剣《ソニック・ソード》を武器とし、その奥義は音速に達する。シェラと並んで十二魔戦将軍最年少。 A martial artist who has mastered the legendary fighting martial art known as Karate, he is capable of unleashing hundreds of fists per second. His weapon of choice is the Sonic Sword, a pair of small swords with two blades that reach the speed of sound. Along with Shera, he is the youngest of the Sorcerer Shogun,