Yngwie von Mattström

諏訪部順一 Junichi Suwabe

yngwie von mattstrom

冷静で気高い剣士。実力は魔戦将軍筆頭を誇り、カル=スへの信奉も一際強い。朱闘羅刀《ストラト》で繰り出す必殺技・夜嬢帝王剣は、常人には一瞬の閃光にしか見えない速度の一撃。それ故、「光速の剣」の使い手と呼ばれている。 A calm and noble swordsman. He is one of the most powerful warlords of the Sorcerer Shogun, and his devotion to Kall-Su is particularly strong. His special technique, the Banisher of Night Emperor Sword, which he performs with his Shu Tora Sword 《Strad》, is a blow of such speed that it appears to ordinary people as a momentary flash of light. Hence, he is known as the user of the “Speed of Light Strike”.