Ross Zaboss Friedrich

駒田 航 Wataru Komada

ross zaboss friedrich

重力で相手を押しつぶす魔法を剣から繰り出す魔法剣士。貴族出身だがとある理由で剣闘士に身を落とし、一方で鍵開けの能力も持つなど謎が多い。オネエ言葉が特徴の現実主義者で、宝石を愛し、友情や信頼といった言葉を嫌う。 A magical swordsman who uses gravity to crush opponents with his sword. He is from a noble family, but for one reason or another, he has lost his position as a gladiator, while he also has the ability to open locks, and is full of mysteries. He loves jewels and hates words such as friendship and trust.