Dark Schneider

谷山紀章 Kisho Taniyama

dark schneider

超絶美形主人公! 無敵の魔人! 400年以上も転生し続けることで魔力を高めてきた伝説の魔法使い。大戦後、赤子に転生したところを封印されてから15年を経て復活することになる。 尊大で傍若無人で好色だが、ヨーコには頭が上がらない。 The extremely handsome protagonist! An invincible demon! Dark Schneider is a legendary wizard who has strengthened his powers by reincarnating himself for over 400 years. After the great war, a seal was used on him once he reincarnated as a baby, but he was revived 15 years later. He’s a pompous and arrogant womanizer who answers to no one... except Yoko.