Vai Staebe

坂 泰斗 Taito Ban

vai staebe

ハイ・マスターの側近では最年少で剣技は未熟だが、その剛力から侍のNo.3を務める。魔力付与(エンチャント)系の魔法にも長けている。ヨーコに気があり、ダーク・シュナイダーに対抗意識を燃やしている。武家屋敷に母がいる。 He is the youngest in the High Master's entourage and his swordsmanship is inexperienced, but his rigidity makes him the No. 3 samurai. He is also skilled in enchantment magic. She has a crush on Yoko, and is aware of her rivalry with Dark Schneider. Her mother lives in a samurai house.