Shella E,Lee

瀬戸麻沙美 Asami Seto

shella elee

最後に十二魔戦将軍へ加わった吟遊詩人。自然魔法《ドルイド・マジック》を唱えることで両手の爪は岩をも切り裂く魔爪になる。また、竪琴で奏でる音楽は聴いた者に混乱、死などをもたらす。麻のごとく乱れる世界を救う救世主(メシア)を探しており、それがカル=スだと信じているが…。 The last one to join the Sorceror Shogun. She is a bard and by casting the nature magic, the claws of her hands become magic claws that can cut through rocks. The music she plays on her lyre brings confusion and death to those who listen to it. She is looking for a messiah to save the world, which is in turmoil like hemp, and believes it is Kall-Su...