Ba Thory

広田みのる Minoru Hirota

ba thory

体内に何億匹もの蟲を飼っている蟲使い。その身に宿す蟲の種類は、自身を修復させる再生蟲や吸血虫の他、感知や増強といった自身の能力を強化させる蟲など多岐に渡る。マカパイン同様、魔戦将軍筆頭のイングヴェイをライバル視している。言動が暑苦しいのも特徴。 A polymancer who keeps hundreds of millions of bugs inside his body. The types of bugs he carries in his body are diverse, including regenerating bugs that repair themselves and blood-sucking bugs as well as bugs that strengthen his own abilities such as sensing and augmentation. Like Macapine, he sees Yngwie、the first of the Sorcerer Shogun, as his rival. He is also characterised by his hot and bitter behaviour.