Schen Karr.

木島隆一 Ryuichi Kijima

schen karr.

魔法を禁じ手とする暗殺剣の「影流」を伝承した侍のNo.2。その奥義である不動冥王剣は、受けた者が剣を見失うといわれ、剣豪としての腕前は大将のヨシュアをしのぐとの噂も。愛刀は妖刀の黒夜叉。十二魔戦将軍に亡き妻の仇がいるらしい。 The samurai second in command with the style called “Shadow School”, the assassination swords which forbids the use of magic. His ultimate attack is said to make the recipient lose sight of the sword, and it is rumoured that his prowess as a swordsman even surpasses that of Joshua. His favourite sword is Kuroyasha, a demon blade which has black blade. He is said to have an avenger for his late wife among the Twelve Demon Warlords.