Kai Harn

伊藤 静 Shizuka Ito

kai harn

鬼道三人衆の一人。石化などの古代語魔術と、ネイと同じ破裏拳流の正統剣法を扱い、武人としての誇りに満ちた魔法剣士。男を憎み、鬼道衆の絆を強く信じる。ネイの命を受けてD・Sに剣を向ける。 One of the Three Sorcerer Generals. She casts Ancient Language Spells that turn her enemies into stone. Like Nei, she uses the orthodox sword techniques of the Hariken School and is a proud magic swordsman. She despises men and believes in the strong bond of the Sorcerer Generals. Under Nei’s orders, she takes on Dark Schneider.