Nills Schon Mifune

速水 奨 Sho Hayami

nills schon mifune

大神官ジオと同じく、ラーズ王子の志に惹かれて魔操兵戦争《ゴーレム・ウォー》を戦った五英雄の一人。その後、ア=イアン=メイデ国老中に。極神一刀流の達人でクラスはサムライ・ハイ・マスター。ヨシュアは弟子の一人。 Like Priest Geo, he is one of the Five Heroes of Metallicana who fought in the Golem War, attracted by the aspirations of Prince Lars. Later, he became the Seneschal of the Aian Meide. He is a master of the Kyokushin Itto style and his class is Samurai High Master. Joshua is one of his disciples.