Sykes Von Snowwhite

田丸篤志 Atsushi Tamaru

sykes von snowwhite

学者魔導士。知識欲旺盛で博識だが、神経質なところがある。レイピアを所持しているが、主な攻撃方法は手刀で空間に断層を作り出し、対象を切り裂くというもので、鎧や盾では防げない。カル=スには己の野心から付き従う。 Scholarly mage. He has a thirst for knowledge and is erudite, but also has a nervous disposition. He carries a rapier, but his main method of attack is to create a fault line in space with his sword and cut through the target, which cannot be protected by armour or shield. He follows Kall-Su out of his own ambition.