Maclalpine Toni Strauss

福山 潤 Jun Fukuyama

maclalpinetoni strauss

特殊鋼で作られた妖斬糸を操る妖縛士。その糸はあらゆるものを切り裂き、何kmにも伸ばせるので四方に張り巡らせることで結界となる。他にも魔法防御を霧散させる罪人の剣《ガリアンソード》を使用する。狡猾な手段も是とする勝利至上主義者。 A Demonic Garrotter who manipulates specially forged metallic threads called Demonic slicing threads. These threads cut through everything and can stretch for kilometres, so they can be stretched in all directions to form wards. He also uses the Garian Sword, the sword of sinners that dissipates magical defences. He is a victory supremacist who also favours cunning methods.