Introduction 2nd season




15 years have passed since the banishment of Dark Schneider, the ancient grand wizard who once sought world domination. Now, the world is faced with a new threat as the Dark Rebel Armies seek to resurrect the God of Destruction, Anthrasax. The Kingdom of Meta-llicana, too, finds itself in imminent danger of the nefarious forces.
Amidst the chaos, Tia Noto Yoko, the daughter of the Grand Priest, awakens Dark Schneider with her magic. The grand wizard vanquishes his enemies one after another with overwhelming magical powers, but after a fierce battle with Abigail, one of the Four Divine Kings of the Dark Rebel Armies, the Kingdom of Meta-llicana collapses. In the midst of a great explosion, all those present vanish into the light, never to be seen again.

Two years later, Kall-Su, one of the Four Divine Kings, is reigning as “High King of Ice” with his fearsome power. He forms a great army with the 12 Sorcerer Shoguns to search for Princess Sheila, who holds the final key to the resurrection of the God of Destruction. In order to thwart his ambition, remnants of the Kingdom of A-Ian-Maide organize a samurai-led rebel army and engage in combat with Sorcerer Shoguns across the land. And among the samurais, is Tia Noto Yoko, who had survived the great war two years ago.

The “Hell’s Requiem Arc” with the holy war between Dark Schneider and Kall-Su for the final seal of Anthrasax was a fan favorite, and it’s coming to season 2 of the anime!