Opening and ending themes for second season decided & comments arrived!

The opening theme will be coldrain's “NEW DAWN” and the ending theme will be Tielle's “La Muse perdue”!
Comments from both artists have arrived!

Opening themes:「NEW DAWN」coldrain


The most metal song in our history, it may have been drawn out.
It's twice as intense as the two theme songs in a row.
"NEW DAWN" Please give my regards.
Masato from coldrain

Ending themes:「La Muse perdue」Tielle


I am Tielle and I will sing the ending theme for the second season of the anime “BASTARD!!"

I am truly honoured to be in charge of the ED for the second season as well. Thank you very much.
I created "La Muse perdue( The Lost Muse)" to accompany the world view of the work by interpreting the love that is hidden in the characters, including Dark Schneider, who are rich in personality and full of eroticism, and the battle between the 12 Sorcerer Shoguns led by Kall-Su, with my own interpretation and overlap with my own.

I would be happy if you could enjoy this song along with the anime

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