Additional cast members and their comments released !

Ida Deesna, one of the Sorcerer Shoguns and a summoner who summons creatures from the demon world, is played by Taisuke Nakano, while another of the Sorcerer Shoguns, Vlad Kills, also a knight but also known as a walking tank, with a massive frame of nearly three metres and equipped with huge Great Axes and full plate armour, is played by Hinata Tadokoro!

Ida Deesna(CV.Taisuke Nakano)

With the news that I was able to perform, by a strange coincidence, I found out the name of the role I would be playing.
"Ida Deesna".
The time I spent with this strong and beautiful man, both in name and appearance, was always pleasantly tense and stimulating for me.
I will try to create a thicker atmosphere when this man of few words among the sorcerer shoguns.

Vlad Kills(CV.Hinata Tadokoro)

I am Hinata Tadokoro and I will be playing the role of Vlad Kills.
I'm still on the young side myself, but I'm sure the younger generation today will feel a lot of fresh fun and enthusiasm when they watch BASTARD!!.
I am very happy to be involved in such a work!
I hope you will also enjoy the unique characters of the sorcerer shoguns in the film!

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